Extensible Table Component For React.js – react-taco-table

Category: React , Table | August 20, 2016
Author: pbeshai
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Last Update: August 20, 2016
License: MIT

React Taco Table is a customizable component that renders a table using table tags based on a provided array of data objects and column configuration objects. It allows you to configure how your table renders with a very high degree of flexibility, which can allow you to easily add interactive features to your table such as heatmapping on hover.


  • Stable column sorting
  • Any component as a header or cell – not just strings
  • Fixed column widths
  • Row striping
  • Cell classes and styles based on the data in the cell and column
  • Row specific classes based on the data in the row
  • Built-in formatters for common formats
  • Distinction between a cell’s value and it’s value used for sorting
  • Column grouping and group headers
  • Bundling of cell styling logic through plugins