React Native Components

Latest free React Native components for modern, native mobile app design.

React Native Router Based On New Navigation API

Router for React Native based on new React Native Navigation API. Features: Define your scene transitions in one central location Use simple syntax to call transitions anywhere in your code (e.g. Actions.login()) Eliminates the need to pass navigator objects to your screens (new) Ability to show/hide navigation bar as well as customize it for each scene or even a different state of a scene (Edit/Save navbar for edit mode, for example) Support for managing a tab bar, using react-native-tabs Support for nested navigators. For example, each tab can have its own navigator, nested in a root navigator. (new) Ability to

Parse Text Into Multiple React Native Text Elements – Parsed Text

This library allows you to parse a text and extract parts using a RegExp or predefined patterns. Currently there are 3 predefined types: url, phone and email. All the props are passed down to a new Text Component if there is a matching text. If those are functions they will receive as param the value of the text. Live Preview: