7 Best React Based JSON Viewer To Help View & Edit JSON Data (2024 Update)

Interactive front-end development is a very important part of the web, and that’s why it needs to be taken care of when you are working on a web application.

While APIs play a central role in these applications and are very important in terms of your application’s accessibility, it’s equally important to view this data on the front end. For this purpose, it is important for you to create a JSON viewer that could help users view and edit their JSON data.

If you have already started building your own application and don’t have time to check out every available JSON viewer, then here I’m listing the 7 Best React-Based JSON Viewers that you can look into!

Originally published June 13 2022, updated Jan 15 2024

1. Visual JSON Editor In React

Visual JSON Editor In React

Demo Download

A React-based visual JSON editor.

2. React Editable JSON Tree Component


Demo Download

A ReactJS component used to render an editable JSON tree structure with ease.


  • Json Viewer
  • Collapse node possibility via function
  • Add new node value
  • Remove node value
  • Update node value
  • Implicit convert of new value ({} for object, [] for array, true for boolean, …)
  • Style via function
  • Read only possibility
  • Call for global update and delta update
  • Possibility to give buttons, inputs, … in parameters

3. React Native JSON Viewer Component

React Native JSON Viewer Component

Demo Download

React Native JSON Viewer Component, based on react-json-tree. Supports iterable objects, such as Immutable.js.

4. Themeable JSON Editor For React – JSON View


Demo Download

A lightweight, customizable, themeable JSON editor & viewer component for React applications.

5. json-schema-viewer


Demo Download

A JSON Schema viewer React component. Full JSON Schema Draft 4 support, including oneOf and anyOf combiner properties

6. react-json-view-lite


Demo Download

A tiny component for React allowing to render JSON as a tree. It focused on the balance between performance for large JSON inputs and functionality. It might not have all the rich features (suce as customization, copy, json editinng) but still provides more than just rendering json with highlighting – e.g. ability to collapse/expand nested objects and override css. It is written in TypeScript and has no dependencies.

7. react-object-view


Demo Download

A React component for viewing Javascript objects


The above list of 7 React JSON viewer is not just a simple collection but also represent our effort to identify the best candidate among all. So keep in mind that if you have better alternatives and suggestions then please do let us know about them.

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