10 Best Calendar Components For React & React Native Apps

The calendar is one of the most commonly used components that can be used to pick dates or to display & manage activities, tasks, or any scheduled events in modern web and mobile apps.

If you find that it is difficult to find a perfect calendar for your React and/or React Native app, this post might help you.

Originally Published Dec 06 2017, updated May 27 2020

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Best Calendar Components For React:

1. react-big-calendar


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An events calendar component built for React and made for modern browsers (read: IE10+) and uses flexbox over the classic tables-ception approach.

2. React Infinite Scrolling Calendar Component


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Infinite scrolling date-picker built with React, with localization, themes, keyboard support, and more.

3. React Calendar Components – rc-calendar


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rc-calendar helps you create cross-platform calendars in React.js.

4. React-Calendar

Date And Date Period Selector For React - React-Calendar

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An ultimate date picker component for picking dates or date periods for your React application.

5. Responsive React Calendar Timeline Component

Responsive React Calendar Timeline Component

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A modern and responsive react timeline component designed for both desktop and mobile.

Best Calendar Components For React Native:

1. Customizable React Native Calendar Components

React Native Calendars

Demo Download

This module includes various customizable React Native calendar components. Compatible with both Android and iOS.

2. React Native Calendar Events


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A React Native module to help access and save events to iOS and Android calendars.

3. Calendar Picker Component For React Native

Calendar Picker Component For React Native

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A simple plain Calendar picker component for React Native that allows your user to select a date with ease.

4. react-native-calendar-strip


Demo Download

Easy to use and visually stunning calendar component for React Native.

5. Add Events To Native Calendar In React Native

Add Events To Native Calendar In React Native

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The react-native-add-calendar-event component allows you to start an activity (Android) or show a modal window (iOS) for adding events to calendar. Through a promise, you can find out if a new event was added and get its id.

More Resources:

There’re lots of web & mobile event libraries out there and you can find more React & React Native resources about calendar on our Calendar category.

To learn more about date picker on modern web & mobile development, here are a few resources available online:

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