10 Best Parallax Scroll Components For React & React Native Apps (2020 Update)

Parallax Scroll is a fancy design concept in modern app design to create an interactive ‘Parallax’ effect on mobile or desktop apps.

Here is a list of 10 best Parallax Scroll components for React and React Native apps that let you make an element (typically background images) scroll at a different speed than the document as you scroll the web app or swipe through the mobile app. Have fun with it.

Originally Published Dec 19 2017, updated May 19 2020

Table Of Contents:

Best React Parallax Components:

1. React Scroll Parallax Component

React Scroll Parallax Component

Demo Download

React components to create parallax scroll effects for banners, images or any other DOM elements.

2. react-parallax


Demo Download

A highly customizable React parallax library to apply smooth parallax scroll effects on images or backgrounds.

3. Easy React Parallax Component


Demo Download

React Parallax Component provides an easier way to add a scroll parallax effect on the component.

4. React Parallax Component – PLX


Demo Download

Lightweight and powerful React component, for creating on scroll effects aka. parallax.

5. react-simple-parallax

Simple React Parallax Scrolling Component

Demo Download

A simple React Component for the parallax effect on the front layer.

Best React Native Parallax Components:

1. ScrollView-Like React Native Component With Parallax Support

ScrollView-Like React Native Component With Parallax Support

Demo Download

A ScrollView-like component with parallax and sticky header support.

2. React Native Parallax View

React Native Parallax View

Demo Download

React Native Parallax view for vertical scrollview with a header image and header content.

3. React Native Parallax Header – RNParallax


Demo Download

A react native scroll view component with Parallax header.

4. React Native Parallax Scroll Component

React Native Parallax Scroll Component

Demo Download

A ScrollView-like component that has a parallax background, a parallax foreground and a fixed or sticky header. Can be nested within other views. Works on iOS and Android.

5. react-native-parallax-scrollview

Parallax ScrollView Component For React Native

Demo Download

A ScrollView Component For React Native that comes with a parallax scrolling effect when swiping.

More Resources:

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To learn more about parallax scroll on modern web & mobile development, here are a few resources available online:

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