10 Best Parallax Scroll Components For React App

Parallax Scroll is a fancy design concept in modern app design to create an interactive ‘Parallax’ effect on mobile or desktop apps.  Here is a list of our 10 best Parallax Scroll components for React and React Native apps that let you make an element (typically background images) scroll at a different speed than the document as you scroll the web app or swipe through the mobile app.

10. react-native-parallax

Parallax Effects For React Native

Demo Download

Parallax effects for React Native using Animated API.

9. React Native Keyboard Aware Parallax ScrollView

React Native Keyboard Aware Parallax ScrollView

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React Native Keyboard Aware ScrollView.

8. react-native-parallax-scroll

React Native Parallax Scroll Component

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A ScrollView-like component that has a parallax background, a parallax foreground and a fixed or sticky header. Can be nested within other views. Works on iOS and Android.

7. react-springy-parallax

React Springy Parallax Component

Demo Download

A springy, composable parallax-scroller for React.

6. react-native-parallax-scrollview

Parallax ScrollView Component For React Native

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A ScrollView Component For React Native that comes with a parallax scrolling effect when swiping.

5. react-parallax-component


Demo Download

Easiest way to add scroll parallax effect on the component.

4. react-native-parallax-view

React Native Parallax View

Demo Download

Parallax view for vertical scrollview/listviews with a header image and header content.

3. Shadow Parallax In React.js

Shadow Parallax In React.js

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A shadow parallax effect that interacts with your mouse movement. Written by React, ES6, Babel transpiler.

2. react-native-parallax-scroll-view

ScrollView-Like React Native Component With Parallax Support

Demo Download

This component now uses Native Driver by default. Remember to pass a Animated component to renderScrollComponent, by default it has Animated.ScrollView

1. react-simple-parallax

Simple React Parallax Scrolling Component

Demo Download

A simple React Component for parallax effect on the front layer.