Top 10 Layout Components For React & React Native

This is a hand-picked collection of 10 best free Layout and grid/card view components for React & React Native.

10. Pinterest Like Layout Components For React


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react-dates is an accessible, easily internationalizable, mobile-friendly datepicker & date range picker library for the web.

9. Facebook-like Photo Grid Component For React

Facebook-like Photo Grid Component For React

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This component shows images in a neat square (or whatever dimensions you want) grid. Acts like facebooks image grids. Switches between two modes randomly (small images on right or bottom).

8. React Infinite Grid Component

React Infinite Grid Component

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A React component used for creating a grid layout with infinite scroll support.

7. React Native Magazine Listview


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A pure javascript magazine listview for React Native framework.

6. Draggable and Resizable Grid Layout For React


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React-Grid-Layout is a draggable and resizablegrid layout system with responsive breakpoints.

5. React Flexbox Layout And Grid System – Reflexbox


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React flexbox layout and grid system, built with stateless components and inline styles.  Reflexbox is a React grid system composed of the Flex and Box components. The Flex component creates a flexbox context and controls direction, alignment, justification, and gutter compensation. The Box component controls padding, flex-basis, and width. With breakpoint-based responsive styles, these two components can handle virtually any layout composition.

4. Drag-drop Sortable Grid View For React Native


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Drag-and-drop -style rearrangable grid view in React Native.

3. React Masonry Infinite Scroller


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A React component used for creating a Masonry style infinite grid.

2. React Native Card View

React Native Card View

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A react native card view component which works on both iOS and Android.

1. React Masonry Component

React Masonry Component

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A React.js component for using desandro’s Masonry library to create cascading grid layout for your web application.