10 Best And Open-source Rich Text Editors For React Applications

A Rich Text Editor (RTE) is a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor which presents a text area where the user can type, markup, and interact with their content. Allowing users to format their content via the standard shortcut keys has become a common practice in RTEs.

A rich text editor is an essential building block for many web and mobile applications. They are used everywhere, from blog post writing to uploading files. Rich text editors are usually implemented as a JavaScript library, which allows them to be easily reused in various projects..

I have used many React.js rich text editors for my work and learning. Most of them are complicated and time-consuming. I have used different rich text editors from time to time, but I don’t use the ready code of editors in the projects. I usually find the difficult things in code that can be done easily. So I decided to make a list of the 10 best libraries for rich-text editing in React.js application. All of them are open source. Enjoy.

1. React Draft Wysiwyg Editor

React Draft Wysiwyg Editor

Demo Download

A Wysiwyg editor built using ReactJS and DeaftJS libraries.

2. ReactQuill


Demo Download

A Quill editor component for React.

3. React Rich Text Editor

React Rich Text Editor

Demo Download

Pure React rich text WYSIWYG editor based on draft-js.

4. Rich Text Editor Based On Draft.js – Megadraft

Rich Text Editor Based On Draft.js – Megadraft

Demo Download

A Rich Text editor built on top of Facebook’s Draft.JS featuring a nice default base of components and extensibility.

5. Draft.js Based Text Editor For React.js

Draft.js Based Text Editor For React.js

Demo Download

Just another configurable rich text editor for React.js app, based on Draft.js.

6. react-froala-wysiwyg


Demo Download

React component for Froala WYSIWYG HTML Rich Text Editor.

7. react-native-rich-editor


Demo Download

Lightweight React Native (JavaScript, H5) rich text editor.

8. mui-rte


Demo Download

The Material-UI Rich Text Editor and Viewer.

9. smartblock


Demo Download

Intuitive block based wysiwyg editor built with React and ProseMirror

10. suneditor-react


Demo Download

A React Component for SunEditor (WYSIWYG editor).


The libraries featured in this article aim to ease the pain of implementing a React.js Rich Text Editor. Whereas some of the libraries only focus on limited parts of RTE, others offer full RTE functionality. This can make the choice depending on your needs more difficult. When choosing a library, consider what you want from your RTE, such as styling elements, editing tools, or server sync.

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