10 Best Free Tooltip Components For React & React Native

Tooltips are important elements of web pages. They provide additional content on hover or mouse over, such as information about a link, form element, image, or other HTML elements.

They’re extremely useful for helping users understand the context of the elements they see on a web page. Still, they’re also widely used in modern web app design to add emphasis, call out important information or display content outside of an application’s normal viewport.

In this article, we will take a look at 10 of the best and open source tooltip components that can be used in modern React- and React Native-powered web applications. Regardless of which component you ultimately choose, having a well-designed tooltip included in your application can make it feel more polished and professional.

Table Of Contents:

Best React Tooltip Components

1. Cursor-follow React Tooltip Component

Cursor-follow React Tooltip Component

Demo Download

A highly customizable React tooltip component that will always follow your cursor when mouse hovers and moves.

2. Reactjs-popup


Demo Download

A simple react popup component that helps you create simple and complex Modals, tooltips, and Menus for your next React App.

3. react-tippy


Demo Download

A lightweight tooltip for React. Based on tippy.js and powered by Popper.js.

4. rc-tooltip


Demo Download

A lightweight simple tooltip component for React

5. React-hint


Demo Download

A small tooltip component for React which is developed with simplicity and performance in mind. It also plays nicely with Preact and Inferno.

6. react-popper-tooltip


Demo Download

A React hook to effortlessly build smart tooltips.

Best React Native Tooltip Components

1. Popable

Customizable Popover & Tooltip Library For React Native – Popable

Demo Download

A customizable popover and tooltip JavaScript library for React Native applications.

2. React Native Tooltip View

React Native Tooltip View

Demo Download

A React Native bridge around native tooltips. It allows you to create simple tip views. Supports both iOS and Android.

3. Blazing Fast React Native Tooltip Component

Blazing Fast React Native Tooltip Component

Demo Download

A simple, lightweight and blazing fast react native tooltip component.

4. react-native-popper


Demo Download

Helps you create customizable and accessible Popovers / Tooltips with React Native.


While simple tooltips do not necessarily require a special component at all, any complex tooltip usage does. Take the time to choose a highly-customizable tooltip component for your needs, and you will receive a high return on investment for relatively little effort and cost.

And if it’s a tooltip you are looking for in React, look no further than the best tooltip components provided above; each of them has been hand-selected based on useful features, high usability, and aesthetic appeal. Enjoy.

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