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Image Lightbox With Pinch Zoom in/out – image-modal

An image modal component for React Native that shows the selected image in a full-size modal window allows that image to be zoomed in/out with touch pinch. How to use it: 1. Install and import the ImageModal. # NPM $ npm i react-native-image-modal import ImageModal from ‘react-native-image-modal’; 2. Add the Image Modal component to the app. <ImageModal swipeToDismiss={false} resizeMode=”contain” imageBackgroundColor=”#000000″ style={{ width: imageWidth, height: 250, }} source={{ uri: ‘1.jpg’, }} /> 3. Available component props. isRTL?: boolean; renderToHardwareTextureAndroid?: boolean; isTranslucent?: boolean; swipeToDismiss?: boolean; imageBackgroundColor?: string; overlayBackgroundColor?: string; hideCloseButton?: boolean; modalRef?: LegacyRef<ImageDetail>; disabled?: boolean; modalImageStyle?: ImageStyle; modalImageResizeMode?: ResizeMode; // ResizeMode(‘contain’, ‘cover’,