Automatic Form Builder Based On Shadcn UI – AutoForm


AutoForm is a React component that automatically creates a @shadcn/ui form based on a zod schema.

How to use it:

1. Import the necessary resources.

import AutoForm, { AutoFormSubmit } from "./components/ui/auto-form";
import * as z from "zod";

2. Define your form schema using zod.

const formSchema = z.object({
  username: z
      required_error: "Username is required.",
    // You can use zod's built-in validation as normal
    .min(2, {
      message: "Username must be at least 2 characters.",
  password: z
      required_error: "Password is required.",
    // Use the "describe" method to set the label
    // If no label is set, the field name will be used
    // and un-camel-cased
    .describe("Your secure password")
    .min(8, {
      message: "Password must be at least 8 characters.",
  favouriteNumber: z.coerce // When using numbers and dates, you must use coerce
      invalid_type_error: "Favourite number must be a number.",
    .min(1, {
      message: "Favourite number must be at least 1.",
    .max(10, {
      message: "Favourite number must be at most 10.",
    .default(5) // You can set a default value
  acceptTerms: z
    .describe("Accept terms and conditions.")
    .refine((value) => value, {
      message: "You must accept the terms and conditions.",
      path: ["acceptTerms"],
  // Date will show a date picker
  sendMeMails: z.boolean().optional(),
  // Enum will show a select
  color: z.enum(["red", "green", "blue"]),
  // Create sub-objects to create accordion sections
  address: z.object({
    street: z.string(),
    city: z.string(),
    zip: z.string(),

3. Build your @shadcn/ui form.

function App() {
  return (
      // Pass the schema to the form
      // You can add additional config for each field
      // to customize the UI
        password: {
          // Use "inputProps" to pass props to the input component
          // You can use any props that the component accepts
          inputProps: {
            type: "password",
            placeholder: "••••••••",
        favouriteNumber: {
          // Set a "description" that will be shown below the field
          description: "Your favourite number between 1 and 10.",
        acceptTerms: {
          inputProps: {
            required: true,
          // You can use JSX in the description
          description: (
              I agree to the{" "}
                className="text-primary underline"
                onClick={(e) => {
                  alert("Terms and conditions clicked.");
                terms and conditions
        birthday: {
          description: "We need your birthday to send you a gift.",
        sendMeMails: {
          // Booleans use a checkbox by default, you can use a switch instead
          fieldType: "switch",
      Pass in a AutoFormSubmit or a button with type="submit".
      Alternatively, you can not pass a submit button
      to create auto-saving forms etc.
      <AutoFormSubmit>Send now</AutoFormSubmit>
      All children passed to the form will be rendered below the form.
      <p className="text-gray-500 text-sm">
        By submitting this form, you agree to our{" "}
        <a href="#" className="text-primary underline">
          terms and conditions



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