Connect Inputs Easily in React Native Apps


he react-native-connected-inputs package offers a React Native hook and HOC to seamlessly connect inputs, facilitating navigation and submission handling within your app.

Key Features

  • Auto Navigation: Automatic focus shift to the next input upon submission.
  • Custom Submission Handling: Execute specific actions on final input submission.
  • Lightweight: No additional dependencies, minimal bundle impact.
  • Compatibility: Works with any TextInput component accepting refs.


npm install react-native-connected-inputs
# or
yarn add react-native-connected-inputs

Hook: useConnectedInputs

import { useConnectedInputs } from 'react-native-connected-inputs';
const connectInput = useConnectedInputs(handleFormSubmit);

HOC: ConnectedInputs

import { ConnectedInputs } from 'react-native-connected-inputs';
<ConnectedInputs onSubmit={handleFormSubmit}>
  {/* input elements */}


Connect Inputs Easily in React Native Apps

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