Cross-platform Scrollable Container With React – Scroll Box

Charged cross-browser and cross-platform scrollable container implementation with no external dependencies but React.


  • Use custom or native scroll bars.
  • Highly customizable tracks and handles for both mobile and desktop.
  • Inset and outset scroll bars with ease.
  • Optional fallback to native inertial scrolling on mobile devices.
  • Animated and smooth scrolling with customizable easing functions.
  • Scrollbars detect mouse in close proximity and change their style accordingly for better UX.
  • Scrollbars are automatically added, removed and resized when scroll box dimensions are changed.
  • Scrolling speed is equalized among browsers.
  • Customizable keyboard scrolling support.
  • Scroll boxes can be nested.
  • Custom viewports can be used. Have a look at react-text-input for textarea with customizable scrollbars.
  • Conditionally unwrap scroll box to scroll its content along with page. This can even be done using a media query.
  • Scrollbar size represents ratio of content and viewport sizes and can be constrained from CSS.
  • LESS styles with a mixin to simplify coloring.
  • Lots of other properties to customize scrolling behavior.


Scroll Box

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Author: smikhalevsk

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License: MIT

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