Dynamic Flexible Breadcrumb Component For React

This is completely router-independent react breadcrumbs solution which means that you can use it with any version of React Router (2 or 3 or 4) or any other routing library for React or without routing at all.  All what you need is just to specify components for breadcrumbs items and its props.

However, props and components should be specified separately. Props should be specified in intermediator component BreadcrumbsItem anywhere in your hierarchy of components and routes.

Breadcrumbs will be built and (currently) sorted by the length of the URL. An application may contain several breadcrumbs with different components and design.


$ npm install react-breadcrumbs-dynamic --save


import {BreadcrumbsProvider} from 'react-breadcrumbs-dynamic'

const theApp = (
    <App />

ReactDOM.render(theApp, document.getElementById('root'))


Dynamic Flexible Breadcrumb Component For React

Download Details:

Author: oklas

Live Demo: View The Demo

Download Link: Download The Source Code

Official Website: https://github.com/oklas/react-breadcrumbs-dynamic

License: MIT

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