Handle Offline Images For React Native


React Native library for iOS and Android offline image storage. This library provides most of the capabilities for an application to display pre-loaded images when offline.


  • Define your own offline storage name!
  • Preload the images
  • Automatically remove expired images from offline storage.
  • Supports a fallback source static image that will be shown if a source object has an ‘uri’ but is unable to download the image or is unable to find it in the offline storage.
  • Use custom Image components.
  • You can always re-fetch the image by specifying reloadImage={true} irrespective of the image already being stored offline, this way you can refresh/load the most recently updated images.
  • Option to clear offline storage


# Yarn
$ yarn add react-native-image-offline

$ npm install react-native-image-offline –save



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