React Hooks For Form Validation – useForm

A set of React hooks for performant, flexible, and extensible forms with easy to use validation.

Install & Import:

$ npm i react-hook-form –save

import React from ‘react’;
import { useForm } from ‘react-hook-form’;

Basic usage:

function App() {
  const { register, handleSubmit, errors } = useForm(); // initialize the hook
  const onSubmit = (data) => {
  return (
    <form onSubmit={handleSubmit(onSubmit)}>
      <input name="firstname" ref={register} /> {/* register an input */}
      <input name="lastname" ref={register({ required: true })} />
      {errors.lastname && 'Last name is required.'}
      <input name="age" ref={register({ pattern: /\d+/ })} />
      {errors.age && 'Please enter number for age.'}
      <input type="submit" />


React Hooks For Form Validation - useForm

Download Details:

Author: react-hook-form

Live Demo: View The Demo

Download Link: Download The Source Code

Official Website:

License: MIT

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