Multiple Image Picker For React Native

A multiple image picker that enables your application to pick images and videos from multiple smart album in iOS/Android, similar to the current Facebook App.


  • Selected order index.
  • Support smart album collection.
  • Camera roll, selfies, panoramas, favorites, videos, custom users album
  • Support Camera
  • Playback video and live photos.
  • Just one. playback first video or live Photo in bounds of visible cell.
  • Display video duration.
  • Async phasset request and displayed cell.
  • Scrolling performance is better than facebook in displaying video assets collection.
  • Reload of changes that occur in the Photos library.
  • Preview photo. …etc

How to use it:

1. Install and import the component.

# Yarn
$ yarn add @baronha/react-native-multiple-image-picker

$ npm i @baronha/react-native-multiple-image-picker

2. Basic usage.

const response = await MultipleImagePicker.openPicker(options);

3. Full component options.

let defaultOptions = {
    usedPrefetch: false,
    allowedAlbumCloudShared: false,
    muteAudio: true,
    autoPlay: true,
    //resize thumbnail
    haveThumbnail: true,
    thumbnailWidth: Math.round(width / 2),
    thumbnailHeight: Math.round(height / 2),
    allowedLivePhotos: true,
    preventAutomaticLimitedAccessAlert: true, // newest iOS 14
    emptyMessage: 'No albums',
    selectedColor: '#30475e',
    maximumMessageTitle: 'Notification',
    maximumMessage: 'You have selected the maximum number of media allowed',
    messageTitleButton: 'OK',
    cancelTitle: 'Cancel',
    tapHereToChange: 'Tap here to change',
    usedCameraButton: true,
    allowedVideo: true,
    allowedPhotograph: true, // for camera : allow this option when you want to take a photos
    allowedVideoRecording: false, //for camera : allow this option when you want to recording video.
    maxVideoDuration: 60, //for camera : max video recording duration
    numberOfColumn: 3,
    maxSelectedAssets: 20,
    singleSelectedMode: false,
    doneTitle: 'Done',
    isPreview: true,
    mediaType: 'all',
    isExportThumbnail: false,
    // fetchOption: Object,
    // fetchCollectionOption: Object,
    // emptyImage: Image,


Multiple Image Picker For React Native

Download Details:

Author: baronha

Live Demo: View The Demo

Download Link: Download The Source Code

Official Website:

License: MIT

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