Nice Avatar Generator In React


A pretty nice and highly customizable avatar generator for React.


  • SEX: Man or Woman
  • FACE: Light or Dark
  • HAIR: Normal, Thick, Mohawk, Woman Long, or Woman Short
  • EYES: Circle, Oval, Or Smile
  • GLASSES: None, Round, Or Square
  • EAR: Small Or Big
  • NOSE: Short, Long, Or Round
  • MOUTH: Laugh, Smile, Or Peace
  • SHIRT: Hoody, Short, Or Polo
  • BACKGROUND: Circle, Rounded, Or Square

How to use it:

1. Install and import the avatar generator.

# Yarn
$ yarn add react-nice-avatar
$ npm i react-nice-avatar --save
// import
import Avatar, { genConfig } from 'react-nice-avatar'
// generate random config
const config = genConfig(AvatarConfig?)

2. Generate a random avatar.

<Avatar style={{ width: '8rem', height: '8rem' }} {...config} />

3. Available component props.

id: PropTypes.string,
className: PropTypes.string,
style: PropTypes.object,
shape: PropTypes.oneOf(["circle", "rounded", "square"]),
sex: PropTypes.oneOf(["man", "woman"]),
faceColor: PropTypes.string,
earSize: PropTypes.oneOf(["small", "big"]),
hairColor: PropTypes.string,
hairStyle: PropTypes.oneOf(["normal", "thick", "mohawk", "womanLong", "womanShort"]),
eyeStyle: PropTypes.oneOf(["circle", "oval", "smile"]),
glassesStyle: PropTypes.oneOf(["round", "square", "none"]),
noseStyle: PropTypes.oneOf(["short", "long", "round"]),
mouthStyle: PropTypes.oneOf(["laugh", "smile", "peace"]),
shirtStyle: PropTypes.oneOf(["hoody", "short", "polo"]),
shirtColor: PropTypes.string,
bgColor: PropTypes.string


Nice Avatar Generator In React


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