React Native Smooth Pincode Input


A cross-platform, smooth, lightweight, customizable PIN code input component for React Native.

Most PIN code inputs components implemented by combining several TextInputs. They work, however, not good enough. When user types fast, or system sluggish, characters may lost when component switching focus between TextInputs. User need to type over and over again to get a correct input, gave a frustrated user experience.

React Native Smooth Pincode Input implemented with a different approach – It’s based on single TextInput but only render it as seperated fields. In other words, it looks like a PIN code input, but works as smooth as a native TextInput.

React Native Smooth Pincode Input is also highly customizable. By exposing cells and text stylesheets, it can be fully customized to fit in your app design. Password mode also supported with customizable mask characters as well as placeholders.

More features:

  • Smooth typing without losing inputs
  • Customizable cell style
  • Customizable text style
  • Password mode
  • Customizable password mask and placeholder characters
  • Built in shake animation


# Yarn
$ yarn add react-native-smooth-pincode-input
$ npm install react-native-smooth-pincode-input --save


React Native Smooth Pincode Input-min

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