React Redux Composable List


The library comes with various opt-in features to manipulate the list of items or to change the representation of the list. These opt-in features are called enhancements or to stay in the React world: higher order components. Multiple enhancements can be composed to opt-in multiple features like sorting, filtering or pagination. After all, it gives you only an entry point to these enhancements. You can come up with enhancements on your own and just compose them into the set of enhancements that come with the library.

In addition, in order to manipulate the state of those enhancements, you can use (built-in) enhancer components. They can be used everywhere in your application and allow you to manipulate the sorting, filtering etc. state. There again the library stays extendable. You can write your own enhancer components.


$ npm install react-redux-composable-list


React Redux Composable List

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