Easy Scroll Animation Library For React – scroll-motion

A React component that makes it easy to create scroll animation in your app.

Available built-in animations: Fade, Move, Sticky, Zoom, etc.

How to use it:

1. Install & import.

# Yarn
$ yarn add react-scroll-motion

$ npm i react-scroll-motion
import { Animator, ScrollContainer, ScrollPage, batch, Fade, FadeIn, Move, MoveIn, MoveOut, Sticky, StickyIn, ZoomIn } from "react-scroll-motion";

2. Example app.

const Presenter = () => {
  const ZoomInScrollOut = batch(StickyIn(), FadeIn(), ZoomIn());
  const FadeUp = batch(Fade(), Move(), Sticky());
  return (
      <ScrollPage page={0}>
        <Animator animation={batch(Fade(), Sticky(), MoveOut(0, -200))}>
          <span style={{ fontSize: "3em" }}>Let't me show you scroll animation 😀</span>
      <ScrollPage page={1}>
        <Animator animation={ZoomInScrollOut}>
          <span style={{ fontSize: "3em" }}>I'm FadeUpScrollOut ✨</span>
      <ScrollPage page={2}>
        <Animator animation={FadeUp}>
          <span style={{ fontSize: "3em" }}>I'm FadeUp ⛅️</span>
      <ScrollPage page={3}>
        <div style={FlexCenterStyle}>
          <span style={{ fontSize: "3em" }}>
            <Animator animation={MoveIn(-1000, 0)}>Hello Guys 👋🏻</Animator>
            <Animator animation={MoveIn(1000, 0)}>Nice to meet you 🙋🏻‍♀️</Animator>- I'm Seonghyeok -
            <Animator animation={MoveOut(1000, 0)}>Good bye ✋🏻</Animator>
            <Animator animation={MoveOut(-1000, 0)}>See you 💛</Animator>
      <ScrollPage page={4}>
        <Animator animation={batch(Fade(), Sticky())}>
          <span style={{ fontSize: "3em" }}>Done</span>
          <span style={{ fontSize: "3em" }}>
            There's FadeAnimation, MoveAnimation, StickyAnimation, ZoomAnimation


Easy Scroll Animation Library For React - scroll-motion

Download Details:

Author: 1000ship

Live Demo: View The Demo

Download Link: Download The Source Code

Official Website: https://github.com/1000ship/react-scroll-motion

License: MIT

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