User-friendly Query Builder For React

A configurable, user-friendly React component to build queries.


  • Fields can be of type:
    • simple (string, number, bool, date/time/datetime, list)
    • structs (will be displayed in selectbox as tree of members)
    • custom type (dev should add its own widget component for this) (it’s not complex, you can add slider for example)
  • Comparison operators can be:
    • binary (== != < > ..)
    • unary (is empty, is null)
    • ‘between’ (for numbers)
    • complex operators like ‘proximity’
  • Values of fields can be compared with values -or- another fields (of same type)
  • Reordering support for rules and groups of rules
  • Using awesome¬†Ant Design


$ npm install react-awesome-query-builder --save


User-friendly Query Builder For React

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Author: ukrbublik

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License: MIT

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