Open Source Video Player for TV Experiences – React TV Player


React TV Player is an innovative open source video player tailored for TV experiences. It delivers a seamless video-playing experience with customizable buttons and easy arrow key navigation.


  • Versatility: It can effortlessly handle a variety of URLs, from local file paths to streaming platforms like YouTube, HLS, and Dash streams.
  • Intuitive Navigation: The player has been designed with TV experiences in mind. Arrow key and cursor navigation make the user experience smooth and intuitive.
  • YouTube Integration: One of its unique strengths is its ability to play YouTube videos directly, saving you the hassle of additional video encoding.
  • DRM Considerations: While it supports HLS AES Encryption, it’s built with flexibility in mind, allowing for potential integrations with hls.js and dash.js for DRM considerations.
  • Broad Device Support: From Amazon FireTV and Samsung Tizen to Xbox UWP and LG webOS, ‘React TV Player’ covers a vast landscape of devices, especially those post-2018 with modern Chromium browsers.
  • A point to note is that React TV Player focuses on widescreen displays, making it ideal for TV devices but not smaller mobile devices.

How to use it:

1. Install and import the TVPlayer into your React project.

import React from "react";
import { TVPlayer } from "react-tv-player";
$ npm i react-tv-player

2. This example shows how to play a Youtube video in this TV player.



React TV Player

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